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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in motherhood, specifically as a stay at home mom to two girls, Addie & Belle.

Church Kids


I never talk about how Jeremy and I met. Mostly everyone who knows us already knows that we grew up in the same church. As we grew up, we were in the same nursery, Sunday school, and youth group. We were church kids. Jeremy spent a few years in Montana and a few more in Florida as he grew up, but we’ve always known each other. We became friends in our early teens and then fell for each other not long after.

We still attend the same church. Wait, scratch that. We are actively involved in the same church to this day.

To be perfectly honest, we’re not the best examples of Christians out there. At the very least we are kind to others, but we have our own set of problems that we deal with.

That said, we do love God. I want to know and learn more and study the Bible. Taking time for prayer every day is sometimes hit and miss for me, but there’s not a moment that it’s not on my mind to take time to thank God for… everything, really. Starting with Annabella, my family, and my church.

Ministry is a different story sometimes. I am involved in a couple ministries at church, as is Jeremy. It’s exhausting. I often wonder why we do this. Why do we spend Jeremy’s days off of work, working at church? Why don’t we spend that time doing family activities? Camping? Going to the zoo? Just relaxing at home?

And sometimes we do. I don’t want to admit how many times we are running late for church on Sunday mornings that we just give up and go get breakfast instead.

Often in these moments, a reminder comes along that puts it all into a new perspective.  

Earlier this year, Jeremy and I agreed to be camp counselors at this year’s teen summer camp. We hastily agreed to it, but it just didn’t feel right. There’s no other way to put it besides it just didn’t sit right with us after we said yes. We ignored the feelings, and even chalked it up to the devil trying to discourage us. In the end, we knew we had to do the right thing and step down.

Not long after, there was an announcement during Sunday morning church service that volunteers were needed for the children’s ministry Vacation Bible School. Jeremy and I looked at each other and in that moment we knew that was where we were supposed to be. The weight of agreeing to and then backing out of summer camp finally lifted.

In June, Jeremy and I found ourselves overseeing the crafts at Vacation Bible School. It was our first time helping with the children's ministry at our church, and we loved it. 

To see kids who have never been in church before, or who are just bored because it’s summer time, come to VBS and have fun and learn about God is amazing. Hearing kids say “This is the best VBS ever!” made all of the hard we put it into our activities worth it. It was exhausting, but seeing their smiling faces gave me the strength to get to the end of the week. I was even sad when it was over.

I don’t know what the future holds for Jeremy and I. I don’t know what ministries we will be involved in this time next year. What I do know, is that as long as we allow God to lead us, we don’t need to worry about it.

I am praying for a heart that stays open to where God wants to take it. It’s easier said than done, especially for a couple of church kids with a rebellious streak.



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