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Apple of Our Eye Birthday Party

Apple of Our Eye Birthday Party

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For Annabella's 2nd birthday party, we decided to go to Happy Apple Farm in Penrose, Colorado. It is a pumpkin patch and orchard not far from our home. 

The Invitations

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I made the invitations myself. I found an apple template online, created the invitation using Canva, and then traced the stem and leaves on brown and green sheets of paper. 

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The Party Favors

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I saw the idea on Pinterest to use red paper bags for the party favors and make them look like apples. For this effect, I cut leaves from green cardstock and closed the bags with clothespins. We filled the bags with snacks, apple sauce pouches, bubbles, and stickers.

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The Food

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We kept the food simple and served sandwiches, veggies, and chips. We made spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

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The Party

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Luckily, Annabella's birthday fell on a Saturday, so we decided to have her party on the same day. The weather was decent, although it did rain at the end of the party. The orchard was mostly all picked out of berries and apples, but there were still plenty of pumpkins! They also had a darling little country store. 

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All of the cousins!

All of the cousins!

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Overall, it was a great birthday party. I wanted to do something different and fall-themed to celebrate Annabella's birthday, and it turned out amazing. 

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