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Family Jurassic World Inspired Halloween Costume

Family Jurassic World Inspired Halloween Costume

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Last year for Halloween we pulled together a last minute family costume. Although my mother-in-law had ordered Annabella a dinosaur costume well in advance, my husband and I didn't know what we should dress as. 

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We saw some great ideas on Pinterest, but all of them required spending more money than we wanted to. We thought about dressing as some of the characters from the Jurassic Park films, but after searching a few stores for similar outfits and coming up empty, we decided to go in a different direction.

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We stuck with the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World theme, but instead of dressing as the main characters of the movie, we decided to dress as employees of Jurassic World. I dressed as a dino veterinarian and Jeremy dressed as a park ranger. 

For our costumes, we tried to use what we already had at home. We did buy a pair of scrubs for me, but I used Jeremy's stethoscope from his EMT class. Jeremy used an old tan shirt of his and some khaki pants.

To make our shirts, we found Jurassic World logos and fonts online and printed them on transfer paper. We then ironed them onto our shirts. Jeremy tore up his shirt and added some red marker to make it look like he had been attacked by our tiny dinosaur.

IMG_1970 (2).JPG
IMG_1963 (2).JPG
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We wore our costumes to our church's Harvest Carnival the weekend before Halloween and for trick or treating on Halloween. For the Carnival, we borrowed my parents' wagon. I printed off another Jurassic World logo and made signs for the sides of the wagon. We filled the wagon with all of Annabella's toy dinosaurs, so it looked like we were transporting them around the park. 

IMG_3333 (2).JPG

I think my creativity really shines through when I am running out of time and thinking about things at the very last minute. Jeremy and I love putting fun costumes together, so hopefully our costume for this Halloween will also be fun and creative! Let me know in the comment section if you are thinking of attempting a dinosaur themed costume too!

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