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Thoughts on Turning 24 and HAPPY BLOGMAS!!!

Thoughts on Turning 24 and HAPPY BLOGMAS!!!


YOU GUYS! I am finally 24 years old! 

When I was little, I always thought to myself that my life would be great once I turned 24. I thought I would have started a career and would be getting married at 24. Let’s all take a moment to quietly chuckle and those ideas. Now that 24 is here, I feel an expectancy that something amazing is going to happen this year.  

My only probably is that I need to actually realize that NOW is the time to make something happen. Now is the time to get. it. done. Too often I find myself thinking that “someday” I will finish college, or start that business, or write that book. Someday is here. No more procrastinating, no more waiting on life to slow down.

On that note, I’m super excited to share that I am participating in Blogmas! I will be posting on my blog [almost] every day this month! Follow along here and on Instagram for new posts! 

Most of my blogmas posts will be about Christmas and the traditions I’m starting with my little family. I can’t wait to share our new traditions with you!   

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