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Our Tradition: Belle's Bells

Our Tradition: Belle's Bells

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When Annabella was a tiny baby, Jeremy and I wanted to start a tradition for her. Our nickname for her is Belle, so we came up with idea to give her a bell each Christmas and call them "Belle's Bells." 

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Belle's first bell! We found this jingle bell at Pier 1 with the Christmas ornaments. Jeremy engraved her name and the year by hand.

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We found her second bell at the mall. I think it's from Macy's? I just remember that I didn't like it, but it was almost Christmas and we still hadn't found one big enough to be engraved. Now I think this bell is beautiful, and I really love the bow details.

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This bell... I love this bell. It's actually from Joanna Gaines' Target Line, Hearth & Hand. You can find this bell here. I think it is so beautiful. Like the first bell, we found this one by chance. That's what makes our tradition so special - we find a bell when we're not even looking for one. 

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We added this third bell to her collection this year after Thanksgiving. Here is the post from my Instagram of that sweet moment. Click the arrow on the right side of the picture to watch the video:

Now Annabella has three unique bells. I can't wait to see how her bell collection grows over the years.

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