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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in motherhood, specifically as a stay at home mom to two girls, Addie & Belle.

Annabella's Toddler Bedroom

Annabella's Toddler Bedroom

My daughter Annabella is now 19 months old and busy busy busy. 

I designed her bedroom to be a safe, beautiful place for her play. It never stays this clean for very long, but it is my favorite room in our apartment.

"Always your little girl" sign: my sister made this sign for my wedding pictures.

Picture Frame: This lacy white frame was made by one of Jeremy's great aunts. 

Imaginarium 5 Way Activity Cube: Can be purchased here

I made this blanket for Annabella using this crochet pattern:

The chair is a Lavender Pin Dot My First Anywhere Chair® by Pottery Barn Kids, which can be purchased here

Annabella's closet used to have doors, but they were only attached at the top of the closet, so we had to take them down for safety reasons. I like how taking the doors down opened up her room and gave me the opportunity to organize her closet. Before we took the doors we just shoved random stuff in her closet and used it as extra storage space. 

A lot of the decorations I use in Annabella's room came from my old bedroom at my parents house. The statue of the woman holding a baby was a thrift store find from my mom. She has her own blog at:

IMG_0579 (2).JPG

Annabella's Crib: Catalina 3-In-1 Convertible Crib

Chevron Sheet: Pottery Barn Kids

Personalized Blanket: Chamois Baby Blanket

The purses to the right in this picture are more vintage finds from my mom.

I made this dress for Annabella's first Easter! She was so small a whole year ago. I used this crochet pattern:

Nursery Elephant Plush Rocker: Here

This gorgeous toy box was made by a family friend. We usually keep her Little People play sets on top of the toy box instead of stuffed animals. But, Annabella is a toddler, so it's mostly wide open with all of the toys spilling out!

Annabella's bookshelf is another piece that constantly gets changed and rearranged. It is currently home to a jewelry box that was mine when I was a kid, her pet fish from my brother-in-laws wedding (that's still in the beautiful centerpiece from the wedding), a lamp from my old bedroom, and a backpack money bank that was also mine. 

I am in LOVE with Babylit books! Annabella only has 4 right now but I plan to get her more as she gets older. I love classic literature so these are books I love for my daughter to have.

I spray painted these cheap dinosaurs gold for decorations at Annabella's first birthday party.

Sign from Hobby Lobby: Rawr! I Love You Canvas Wall Art

Butterflies: I found these butterflies and the green butterflies above Annabella's crib at Ikea in the gift wrap section. They have similar butterflies on their website here

Or you can find similar wall decorations on Amazon.

Chair: We got this one when it was on sale at

Dresser: Pottery Barn Kids

Her dresser is actually the Mill Valley Dresser & Topper Set, Dove White, but sadly it is no longer available on their website.

Changing Pad: Vinyl Changing Table Pad

Changing Pad Cover: Harper Changing Pad Cover


So that's Annabella's adorable room! Don't be fooled, it is NEVER that clean. Okay, maybe once a week it's that clean, but I let her make messes and play, and then we practice cleaning up before bed - most nights. I can't wait to share more of our tiny apartment in the next few months!



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