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The Proposal

The Proposal

He proposed as we were taking our engagement pictures.

I realize that doesn't make a lot of sense. 

Here's the story of how it all happened:

In February 2015, we found out I was pregnant. That day, with the positive pregnancy test in our hands, we decided that we would get married. We had talked about getting married before - someday - but neither of us thought it would happen anytime soon. I was in college and he was making minimum wage sharpening knives at a store in the mall. We held hands in the car later that night as we talked about names for the baby. We were afraid but we didn't show it that night. 

We waited a long time before telling anyone that I was pregnant. It wasn't until April that my mom found out, then she told my dad, and then both of my parents sat us down and asked us what we planned to do.

Jeremy had lost his job at the cutlery where he worked due to the company going out of business. He had been applying for jobs but had no luck so far. We explained to my parents that we wanted to wait to tell them about the baby until Jeremy had a new job. Unfortunately, it was taking a lot longer than we thought it would, and the longer we waited the more afraid we were to say anything. 

We told my parents that we wanted to get married. My dad tried to remain serious while he talked to us, but once the serious part of the talk was over, he smiled and shared how excited he was that he was about to get his ninth grandchild. 

Exactly one month later, on May 12th, 2015, Jeremy were taking our engagement pictures. I wasn't even expecting for him to buy a ring, because I knew that he was broke. I wasn't expecting a proposal because we already knew we were getting married. 

Jeremy had other ideas.  

Even our photographer, Tanya, had no idea what he was planning on that day! She noticed the ring box making a funny shape in Jeremy's vest pocket and urged him to empty his pockets. She kept telling him to stop acting so awkward and nervous, and then she finally realized what he was planning on. 

After taking some pictures in an alleyway downtown, she told him something like, "Jeremy, is this spot okay for the picture you wanted to take?" She told me to go stand in one spot kinda far and then sent Jeremy over to me. 


He came over, held my hands, and then got down on one knee.  

I was surprised! I'm so happy we were able to have this moment captured in pictures. It wasn't an elaborate proposal, but it was sweet and simple. It was perfect. 

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