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Annabella's First Birthday Dinosaur Party

Annabella's First Birthday Dinosaur Party

My daughter Annabella is now 20 months old! She will turn 2 on September 30th of this year and I'm already brainstorming for her next party. 

For her first birthday, Jeremy and I celebrated with a family trip to the zoo. It was just the three of us and we had so much fun! 

About two weeks later, we had her party with family and friends. Annabella's party was dinosaur themed with the colors light pink and gold. 

Annabella's smash cake was made by my mother-in-law's friend. We found these dinosaurs at Walmart for a couple dollars each and I spray painted them gold.

For the guests, we ordered pink frosted cupcakes from King Soopers with Jurassic World rings on top.

We decided to make easy foods that we knew Annabella would like and be able to eat, since she didn't have molars yet. We grilled chicken fingers, made pasta salad, and cut up fruits and veggies for sides.

We called the chips "dino scales" and the Bugles "dino claws."

Don't forget dipping sauces! We used BBQ sauce, ranch, buffalo sauce, and honey mustard to dip the chicken fingers.

Annabella's onesie is from the Etsy shop Small Wonders Boutique. You can buy it here.

The birthday girl enjoyed her food!

Annabella did not like trying to eat her cake with everyone watching her! Instead she tried feeding her daddy some of her yummy cake.

Annabella's birthday party was so fun! It was just what I hoped it would be. She was exhausted after her party and slept great that night!

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