I’m Natalie.

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in motherhood, specifically as a stay at home mom to two girls, Addie & Belle.



I've had two big dreams since I was 17 years old - to one day own a boutique and to write. I've had many other dreams, but those two have always stuck with me. Even when they are pushed to the corners of my mind and begin to collect dust, those dreams are still with me.

I wish I could tell you that six years later I am making my dreams come true. While I am in some ways, I still have a long way to go. 

Through blogging, my passion for writing has returned. I love sharing my thoughts, dreams, and stories on this section of Natti's Place. 

I love crocheting beautiful things and selling those items. Selling handmade items over the years has only inspired me even more to open a boutique someday. But it has also uncovered a new passion of mine - sharing my crochet patterns

In October of last year (2016), I felt stuck in one place. I have come so far since then. I created a logo for Natti's Place, I started this website, and I began writing down all of my new ideas. Yet here I am, still feeling stuck. Where do I go next? How do I get started with all of my ideas? How do I fit all of my passions and dreams into 2 hours of quiet time while my daughter naps each day? Am I confusing my audience by blogging about my life AND sharing crochet patterns AND trying to sell things?

So while I try to figure this all out... I hope that you will stay with me and follow along as I try to make my dreams come true. I hope that, in the midst of the messiness, I can continue to inspire you and brighten your day.

If you came here from Instagram to learn more about the name change, here are some details:

  • @nattisplace was the handle for my business account, but when I started blogging, I felt that it was confusing to share personal blog posts on that account, so I started using my personal account to advertise blog posts.
  • I already started an account to share crochet patterns and craft tutorials (@nattispatternplace), so in time the first @nattisplace was pushed to the side and ignored.
  • Now, you can follow @nattisplace for blog updates and for a look into my life, and you can follow @nattisplaceshop for updates on my Etsy shop.
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My First Meet & Greet

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