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Happy New Year Life Update

Happy New Year Life Update

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If you follow along on this blog, you're probably wondering, "What happened to Blogmas?" Well, friend, I thought I overworked myself with all of the blog posts and Etsy orders. I was suddenly consumed by exhaustion. As it turns out, I am actually pregnant. 

This is exciting news for my family, especially Annabella because she has been asking and praying for a baby brother or sister since she could string words together into sentences. 

I am about 8 and a half weeks along, so it's still quite early in my pregnancy, but that hasn't stopped us from telling the world. I wanted to incorporate Annabella in our "official instagram announcement," so on New Year's Eve I posted this: 

annabella sibling announcement.jpg

Here is a close up the letterboard:

baby annoucement letterboard.jpg

Since we waited so long to tell people we were pregnant with Annabella, I wanted to do everything the exact opposite with this pregnancy. I know the "rules" are to wait until you're twelve weeks along to share your pregnancy news with everyone, but obviously we don't follow the rules. For anything. 

Becoming pregnant at this point in our lives is definitely setting some changes into motion. Jeremy is looking for a second job in addition to working toward a promotion in his current job. I am wondering if I can continue running my businesses while growing an energy-sucking tiny human and wrangling an excited 2 year old. We need a new place to live, but the rent prices in our city are skyrocketing. I'm a little scared. God provided for us when Annabella was a baby, and I know He will again, but when life starts to throw extra things at us (i.e. raising our rent by almost $100 a month for no real reason), it's not easy to feel hopeful. 

But I'm not going to focus on the bad and the scary, as easy as that may be. 

I am counting down the days until we get to meet our new little one. My heart is a mix of joy and fear and love. We're not giving up. Happy changes are coming soon.

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