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Today is a New Day

Today is a New Day


January is almost over and I am just now setting my goals and resolutions for this year. I have been thinking about the person I want to be, not just for the new year but for my whole life. Overall I want to be more driven and more intentional. For me this includes:

1. Embracing each day as a fresh start.

When I was in school and going through a rough time - bad grades or issues with my friends - my mom would wake me up in the morning and say "It's a new day!" I hated when she would say that because I still had to go to school and face my problems. But how true is it? Each day is a chance to start new, to change something in your life for the better - to be a kinder human being, to get a project done that has been weighing on you. Maybe nothing changed in your surroundings (my home is still a mess) but your attitude can change with each new day.

2. Becoming more organized.

This is a more difficult task because I have not been organized since before Annabella was born. I used to keep a planner and make to do lists, and then actually cross things off the list. Once Annabella was born I tried to rely on my memory and our white board calendar to keep appointments throughout each month. I would also make countless to do lists and never complete them. Last year I found myself double booking appointments and events, so I kept having to reschedule everything. I had a cute small planner for 2017 but I rarely used it, and I even misplaced it several times throughout the year. 

This year I found a full-size planner that I like. It's as big as a regular binder so I won't lose it, but it's not heavy so I can still stick it in the diaper bag and carry it around with me. I have also been working out a daily schedule so I can accomplish everything I want to each day. It's just a matter of sticking to it.

Part of becoming more organized means getting my home clean and keeping it clean. We tend to leave messes for the next day instead of cleaning them up right away. The problem with that is the messes are left for the next day after that, and then the next week, and before we realize what hit us we can't walk into the living room without tripping on toys or random messes that should have been cleaned up days ago. I am starting by slowly decluttering each room in our home. I say "slowly" because I have been extra tired lately and Annabella has been needing more attention than ever. 

3. Saying No to Rushing.

No matter what I do or where I go, I almost always feel rushed and unprepared. I am always too tired at night to prepare things for the next day, but then when I need the diaper bag to be ready, I find myself rummaging through the house looking for a clean cup and diapers and throwing dirty outfits and mismatched socks out of the bag and all over the kitchen. I know a lot of this is rooted in how unorganized I am. Also, I think my husband's attitude about doing everything last minute has rubbed off on me. But it gives me anxiety so that definitely needs to change. I hate feeling rushed and nervous and anxious. So one thing I am working on is getting things ready the night before (lunches, diaper bags, clothes, etc), or giving myself plenty of time to get ready each morning before I have to be somewhere. 

4. Making Time to Pray and Read Scriptures Daily.

I wasn't sure I wanted to put this goal of mine on this list, because I think it's something that should come naturally as a Christian. Yet it's something I have struggled with since I was 12 years old. I think I put too much pressure on myself in this area because I tell myself that I'm not a "good Christian" if I'm not having this time daily. Yes, a relationship with God through prayer is important. It's necessary. As a mom who rarely gets time to herself I often let this time slip away from me. I spend those quiet moments alone scrolling through social media or playing games on my phone. But that's changing for me. It's hit and miss but I am dedicated to spending time with the Lord. And beyond prayer, I want to share His love, grace, and kindness with others through this blog and my social media channels. I feel that I am the least qualified person to do this, but I am going to try. 

All of these goals have been on my mind since last year, but I haven't put them in writing until now. I've made some small changes in the last few months but I'm ready to stick to these goals until they are met. 

Everything is Going to be Okay

Everything is Going to be Okay

Happy New Year Life Update

Happy New Year Life Update