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Baby Box University Free Box Review

Baby Box University Free Box Review

This post is not sponsored. I received this box for free by completing the tasks on the Baby Box University website.


Have you heard of the Finnish tradition in which expectant parents receive a box filled with baby goodies that also doubles as a safe place for baby to sleep? If not, you can read about it here. A similar program, called Baby Box University, was recently introduced to a few states in the United States. Colorado (my home) is one of these lucky states! 

To receive this box (pictured above) I created an account at, then I checked for the availability of this program in my area. I was then instructed to watch about 25 minutes of educational videos that covered topics such as safe sleeping for babies, breastfeeding, and signs of post-partum depression. After I watched the videos, I took a quick quiz and passed with 100% correct answers. 

I had the option to pick up my baby box at a local location, or to pay about $5 or $6 to have the box shipped to my home. I chose to have it shipped so I wouldn't have to worry about driving in the snow. The box arrived within a week or so after I paid for shipping. 

Now onto the goodies that came in the box!


Included with the box is a small mattress with a plain white fitted sheet. The mattress fits perfectly in the bottom of the box. These boxes are designed for a baby to sleep in them, especially if they do not have a crib, bassinet, or other safe place to sleep. It came with a few brochures about helpful programs for Colorado parents. It also came with a coupon for a free photo book from Picaboo


The box also included a sample of Seventh Generation laundry pods and several coupons for useful Seventh Generation products (such as diapers, wipes, and pads for after the baby comes)


Another sample: an 18 pack of Pamper's Sensitive baby wipes. This will be perfect for the diaper bag. The wipes came with a cute reminder that every moment can be learning moment - even a diaper change.


Also included was a sample from Lansinoh. 2 nursing pads and 2 breastmilk storage bags, as well as a paper with nursing tips.

IMG_2404 (2).JPG

The box also included 3 small sample tubes of Diaper Doo, a rash cream that I hadn't heard of until I received my box. 

IMG_2406 (2).JPG

Lastly, the box included several Dove samples for the entire family. The Dove Men's products will be especially useful for our hospital bag!

Over all, I am happy with this box. If I chose to pick up this box it would have been completely free, but it was still worth it after paying to have it shipped to me. 

You can learn more about how to get your own Baby Box here.

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