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Target Registry Bag Review

Target Registry Bag Review

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I had heard about this perk of making a Target baby registry when I was pregnant with Annabella, but I didn't know how easy it was to actually receive this bag! Seriously, it was as easy as walking up to the customer desk at one of my local Targets and asking for it. I did make a registry beforehand, which is how I learned how to get this bag.


The first thing I noticed when I received my small bag was that it was so cute. Then I noticed that it was stuffed FULL of products - some sample sizes and some full sized products!


Inside the bag I found a small booklet full of coupons and a couple samples. The coupons include 10% off maternity clothes and nursing bras, a free Starbucks drink for Mom, 20% off Target's new Cloud Island line, and a few more awesome deals. 


When I saw that my Target bag included a FULL SIZE wide-neck Dr. Brown's Options bottle, I was so excited! We used the regular Dr. Brown's bottles for Annabella and they were a life saver! She had awful reflux and these bottles helped her keep formula down. Inside the bottle is a coupon for $1 off  more Dr. Brown's bottles.


The bag also included 2 newborn pacifiers from different bags. One Mam Pacifier and one Nuk pacifier. 


The bag included 2 different diaper samples. One was a 2-pack of Babyganics size 1 diapers (which also came with a $5 off coupon for a full pack of diapers) and the other was a 2-pack of Honest diapers


I was disappointed with the Honest Company samples for several reasons. First of all, the shrink-wrapped package said it contained diapers and wipes, but it only contained diapers. Also, the included coupons can only be used on their own site, not in person at Target. It's very unlikely that I will order from their site, because I think it is overpriced and that they are not as "honest" as they claim to be. The diapers are cute, so at least there's that. 


Other samples found in my bag are Lansinoh samples (2 nursing pads and 2 breastmilk storage bags), one Baby Dove sample, and one Aveeno Baby sample.


Overall, I was impressed with the Target baby registry. I definitely recommend making a Target baby registry so you can also get your own bag. 

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